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Share your knowledge at the Conference EqualPower on March 29th

On March 29th, 2018, ICS and Izida Vita are organizing the first international web conference on women in Macedonia, called Equal Power to the Women. We are kindly inviting you to participate as a lecturer.

To be accepted as a speaker, following criteria must be met:

  1. to work either
    1. in the field of gender equality/inclusion
    2. on a case of gender equality/inclusion
    3. on the project of gender equality/inclusion
  2. to be able to present the concrete project/case/research results or similar in English
  3. to submit the title of the presentation and to prepare a summary of 300 to 500 characters, spaces included, of the case/project/research/similar by the End of December 2017 in English.

After approval of the topic and acceptance note by the board of the conference organizing committee in January 2018 we expect of the speakers to:

  1. prepare the presentation (ppt(x) or prezi) by January 31st 2018 in English
  2. present the case/topic at the conference on March 29th 2018 online in English
  3. conceive the full-paper of up to 6000 characters, spaces included, in English by March 1st 2018

More information Natalie C. Postružnik at [email protected] or Dejan Andonov at [email protected].

9 take-aways for better leadership skills

Danijela Kanaet. has lived and worked in several countries in Europe; climbed the hierarchy thanks to her devoted work and endless energy; active member of PWN (Professional Women’s Network) suggests:

  1. Say No, when the answer should be “no”. “No” is a “no”, it I not “maybe” nor “yes”.
  2. Be careful with selecting your words and use strong words, avoiding all words that make your message weaker (“just”, “I think”, “I believe”, “It seems” … etc.)
  3. If needed, always apologize!
  4. Don’t try to please everybody – this is mission impossible and it will cost you too much of your energy.
  5. Lack of respect is not tolerable – not at home nor at work.
  6. Don’t try to accomplish everything by yourself. Yes, you are a superhero, but there is no need to show that to the whole world.
  7. Have clear goals and visions … and follow them. If you don’t have your own goals, others will lead you to theirs.
  8. Make sure, that your idea will be pinned to you, not to others.
  9. Be accountable for yourself and your life’s decisions. At the end of the day you are exactly there, where your decisions led you to.

More in Slovenian, Macedonian and in English.

On confidence gap and brain drain in tech

»The best time to do something about gender equality was 20 years ago. The second best time is – now,« says Pressner. »Women in tech: brain drain is real. Gender gap is real. Confidence gap … is a perception,« by Kristen Pressner,  mother of three, Vice-President of Roche. Watch the video and share your thoughts with us.

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