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First results on Gender Equality research in Macedonia

EqualPower to the Women Infografika by Sara Toskan - Doba

EqualPower to the Women Infografika by Sara Toskan – Doba

If we take a look at the infographics on the left, we can see, that there are quite a few discrepancies in the field of employment of men and women in Macedonia. We wanted to know, where the reasons for that lie and if the large and middle-sized companies in Macedonia are aware of that facts; and if so, what measures and activities do they perform to un-do the injustice.

So during the last two months the research on Gender Equality in Macedonia, to which we invited 1200 companies and over 300 participated, was conducted by Izida Vita, Slovenia, and Institute for Communications Studies, Macedonia. The questionnaire consisted out of 20 questions.

Here are some first results:

  • Over 98 % of participants know the term Gender Equality
  • 75 % think that Gender Equality is very important, but 2,6 % think it is not important at all
  • this share changes unfavourably regarding the importance of Gender Equality within the company: it drops to 62 % (very important) and the share of answers “not important at all” rises to 3,3 %
  • As researches have shown repeatedly, Gender Equality has positive influence on
    1. Effective business performance
    2. Financially more efficient performance of the company
    3. Creative processes in the company
    4. Less risk taking in the decision making process
    5. More ethical conduct of the company

Only 54 % (a), 46 % (b), 65 % (c), 42 % (d) and 65 % (e) of participants strongly agreed with that statements; unfortunately, on the other hand we can find strong disagreement among 2 – 3 % of the participants.

  • As different researches showed that 1/3 of top management has to be women (men) (=balanced management) to achieve the most efficient, effective, ethical and successful companies as well as high level of employee engagement, we wanted to know, how the participants regarded that:
    • Almost 12 % thought, that 1 women (man) is enough to establish the gender balanced management
    • 3 % are convinced it has to be 1/5
    • 5,6 % think it needs to be 1/4
    • 14 % go for 1/3 (which is the correct answer)
    • and over 65 % believe it is ½
  • We think it is a good news, that over 26 % have already tried one or more activities to raise gender balanced management within the companies and 14 % plan to do so. It leaves some room for improvement and follow-up communication, that almost 60 % haven’t introduced any of the activities on gender balanced management and do not plan on doing so.

We will publish more on the gender equality research publicly on the web Mid July, when the analysis is thoroughly done. If you want more beforehand, please write to Gorazd Postruznik to [email protected].

Infografics on Gender Equality in Macedonia prepared by: Sara Toškan, Doba Faculty

Students at Doba Faculty on the project

Students at Doba Faculty prepared infographics and short videos on the project Equal Power to the Women. Over 140 different projects were prepared, some of them really touching, some of them moving and some of them sharp as a needle: gender equality is not a punishment, it is a privilege. Take a look at one of the videos, prepared by the student Blanka Kroflič and share your thoughts, comments with us or online:


Unfavourable Gender Structure of the Employment in Macedonia

The employment in the Republic of Macedonia is characterized by a very unfavourable gender structure. This structure has remained unchanged over a longer period of time due to: unstable economic and social conditions in the country and imbalance between the available and required profiles on the labour market.

The employment rate for women in the Republic of Macedonia in 2015 was 33.7, which is significantly lower than the employment rate of 50.5 for men.

The unemployment rate for women was 25.1 and for men 26.7.

The activity rate for women, at 44.9, was lower, while men had a significantly higher rate of 68.9.

The invitation to meet up in Ohrid, 6.7. – 8.7.2017

Between 6. and 8. July the project team Izida Vita, Slovenia, will gather in Ohrid. We invite you to meet up with us to find out more about the project and to talk about possibilities of cooperation. You can participate:a)     by submitting your cases/activities/views on Gender Balanced Management, b)    by promoting the gender equality topics, c)     by introducing the principle of equality at working positions into your companies by co-creating and signing the Guidelinesd)    with contributions in our newsletters and e-magazine Equal Power to the Women, e)     with sharing good practices to be published on- and off-line  We will be happy to share more information with you beforehand! For the meeting during that time period please contact Nina Klančnik at [email protected].

Inovativnost.mk Interview: Pure approaches for gender equality in Macedonian business

Women are not visible in companies or they don`t pay enough attention to the presentation of their achievements? No support from family or low self-esteem? Institute of Communication Studies researches the obstacles for career development of the women in Macedonia, particularly in corporate management positions.

How the project “Equal Power to Women” will contribute in strengthening gender equality in the Macedonian business – read the interview with the project coordinator Dejan Andonov.

Gender Equality in Macedonian Business exists only on paper!

Invitation to share good practice on gender equality

Regarding the results of the research one of the project goals has to be to raise awareness of the gender equality in large and medium-sized companies in Macedonia. Therefore, we invite you to build the awareness, spread the good practices and share with us your activities, programs and projects on equal involvement of women and men in your company. For more information on sharing your good practices, please contact Natalie C. Postruznik at [email protected].

Harvard University: »Gender Equality: The Smart Thing To Do«

Few years ago Harvard Kennedy School created a film »Gender Equality: The Smart Thing To Do« within the Women and Public Policy Program. In this video you can see and hear what some representatives in academia, business, development and politics think and talk about gender diversity in organizations, politics and society, about good practices and benefits. To find out more about the business case for gender equality, watch video on this link.



We present other projects on Gender Equality in Macedonia

Online debate: Is there gender equality in Macedonia? When deciding about jobs, depending on the position, whether gender plays an important role? Are there prejudices that women are unskilled drivers than men; they can`t do “male” works; they aren`t good for politics; they should take care about the home and the family, and men should care finances?

Read the arguments on the online debate of Livada.mk realised within the project “Be IN, Debate”.

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